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                            What CO2 laser marking machine can do for you?

Brief introduction of CO2 laser marking machine

CO2 laser marking machine is carbon dioxide laser marking machine (CO2 is carbon dioxide).

It use CO2 gas as the working medium of the laser marking machine with galvanometer.

CO2 laser source take CO2 gas as the medium, inflate CO2 and other auxiliary gas into the electrode tubes and add high voltage.

The discharge tube produce glow discharge, and make the gas release laser with wavelength of 10.64um.

After the laser energy amplification, the galvanometer scanning and F-Theta mirror focus,

zand under the control of computer and laser marking control board, it can mark images, text, numbers, line according to the user’s request.

As we know fiber laser marking machine can mark/engrave on metal and most of the non-metal, like plastic, PVC, PCB, etc. But can not mark on solid wood.

And CO2 laser marking machine can solve this problem very well. It can mark patterns, logos, text, photos on the wood, plastic, cloth, etc. perfectly.

C02 laser marking machine has similar structure with fiber laser marking machine with several difference.

Both machine include the laser source, F-theta lens, laser head, computer, control board and software, power supply, etc.

Differences are C02 use CO2 laser source, and has a water chiller for cooling the glass or metal laser tube.

CO2 laser marking machine use glass or metal laser tube as the laser source.

Glass tube is lower in price but need change gas at certain interval.

After a period, users need to change the glass tube.

And the larger the power is, the longer the tube is. For a 180w CO2 glass laser tube, length can be almost 2 meter.

Metal one is more stable and don’t need to change, has long life span, smaller in size but with higher price.

You can choose the right one according to your budget, workshop size and so on.

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