XT Laser Introduce of Fiber Laser Marker Machines- Tulsa

XT Laser Introduce of Fiber Laser Marker Machines- Tulsa

As we all known, fiber laser marking machine have many kind. Because we have many differnt material need to mark.

In order to satisfy differnt request, we have a few kinds of  fiber laser marker machines type to choose.

And fiber laser marking machine is the most choose always.

So, follow me to learn about this machine.

No.1 Power of fiber laser marker machines

Like you know, fiber laser marking machine is different with fiber laser cutting machine.

Mark is needn’t so high power, not like cutting.

Fiber laser marking machine’s wavelenghth is 1064nm, most of our customer will choose 30w.

High power likes 50w can engraving metal, for example, 1mm gold and silver.

Actually, 30w and 50w both can deep marking, like engraving.

No.2 Marker area

However, fiber laser marker machine can mark many differnt material.

In deed, it can perfect mark almost of material and a part of plastic.

You can just mark on your product, the sign will very difficult to clean out.

You can engraving on your product make a beautiful and deep shape.

No.3 Colour

Actually, fiber laser marking machine can not marking colour.

Besides, Mopa fiber laser marking machine is the only one to mark coulor.

But you can adjust laser focus to make any sample colour.

Alu can be mark gray. You need make your metal not in focus to mark white and gold.

And if you want to mark real color, you just can use stainless steel.


Did you got these informations? How do you think?

Actually I think it is very complex when I just come to this company.

I am a new comer in this area, you know, so it is diffcult to me.

But now I think it is vert interesting. Call me, if you interested in it too.



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