Why pistol engraving using fiber laser metal gun marker?-Jennifer

With the fast development of fiber laser technology, the applicable fields of fiber laser metal gun marker is widen gradually. Not only for the normal surface marking, the stronger power can also do depth engraving on metal surface. Especially nowadays, more and more gun, pistol, handgun will use the fiber laser metal gun marker. Today, we will take about the fiber laser marker’s application in the gun engraving fields.

As the major gun’s materials, is the carbon steel, stainless steel, hard steel. While fiber laser’s major work is to mark on any metal surface. So metal gun engraving is more popular with the fiber laser metal marker. Many gun shop holders have bought this fiber laser marker to do their work. The customized gun is with great client’s satisfaction. Here are some samples for gun engraving shared by our clients.

Why depth gun engraving is hot in fiber laser marker?

In order to pursue the high working efficiency, more and more gun shops owners, wish to shorten their single piece’s time. So the fiber laser marker make a lot works. The traditional marking, is marked by hand. The working efficiency is very low. While when using XT LASER fiber laser metal marking machine, the engraving efficiency can be enhanced greatly.

Many customers, want to customize their gun. So customized gun service has huge market. By using this gun marking machine, the potential clients range can be widen hugely. By customized service, it can meet many buyer’s needs. After bought this personal and special gift, they can show off to their friends and to memorize the great moment in their gun.

Why they come to XT LASER for gun marking?

XT LASER has the 14 years experience in the fiber laser marking & cutting fields. 5 year warranty service makes the quality guaranteed. The rich experience accumulated in this fields, win the many clients’ trust.

Metal Depth Engraving Sample

Depth Metal Pistol Engraving

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