Ink jet printer and fiber laser marking machine-ivy

Ink jet printer and fiber laser marking machine

Ink jet printer and fiber laser marking machine.

At the first,we know there are many suppliers in the field of Digital printing machine.
And we believed that some of them
 have researched the market,there is not only digital printing,also is fiber laser marking machine.
So after your market data,you should have known the fiber laser with a higher market share in the printing career.

So take the both kinds of machine to enlarge your market and business scope.
Cause the market need both kinds of the printing machine,can not instead of each other absolutely.

Sharing the differences of the Ink jet printer and fiber laser marking machine:

Firstly,Performance :

Fiber laser marking machine:Marking information directly mark on the product surface or internal, clear and permanent mark, anti-counterfeiting effect is obvious.
Ink jet printer: Printing effect is clear but easy to erase and change.


Fiber laser marking machine:Printable serial number, lot number, bar code, two-dimensional code, and logo on all kinds of metals and special non-metals. Stable and reliable performance.Almost no maintenance work.

Ink jet printer:Can print many different color patterns on non-metals.
Failure rate is relatively high. Due to environmental temperature and humidity and dust changes.Need many maintenance work.


Fiber laser marking machine:Like 20w fiber laser marking machine need about USD 4000- 4500.
Operating costs are very low, without any consumables, zero operating costs.

Ink jet printer:Machine cost maybe is higher than fiber laser marking machine.
Consumption of a large number of special inks and solvents.In addition, the replacement of sprinklers and other accessories are expensive, need special maintenance person,resulting in indirect the spare parts cost is higher.

Finally,to work with both kinds machine,its better to occupy the market if you are a supplier of ink jet printer now.
Some marking samples :

Ink jet printer and fiber laser marking machine










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