laser colors on Stainless steel material through laser technology–Max

laser colors on Stainless steel material through laser technology

The thin-film interference principle of light through laser technology

hands-on workshop
We saw the exquisite samples and said the advantages and principles of laser coloring. What kind of brilliant colors can be produced with lasers?
Let’s look at the experiment.
Test model:XTL-FP20
Short-pulse fiber laser which is with high average power (20 to 100w), Peak power (less than or equal to 15kW) and 2 to 350ns multiple pulse widths are adjustable. So high repetition frequency (10 to 1000khz) can accurately control the laser energy output by using different pulse width, frequency and power combination. Therefore, the surface of stainless steel and titanium alloy can form «oxide film» . And that oxide film consists different thickness and different oxides. Thus it can present different colors that our eyes can see. The advantage is
1. its pulse width and frequency are independently adjustable
2. adjusting one of them will not affect other laser parameters
3. this feature has unlimited possibilities for stainless steel color marking.
Linear frequency – power – pulse width curve
Because the color of stainless steel surface is very sensitive to the change of laser power, if different lasers want to mark the same color, there is a high requirement for the linearity of power-frequency of laser. We have shown the linear curve of related frequency-power-pulse width in this experiment in the figure above.Before the corresponding cutoff frequency of each pulse width, power and frequency show a direct proportion relationship, and a good linear relationship provides a good basis for different lasers to mark the same color.

the time to witness the miracle

The following is the color category by different combinations of process parameters in this experiment:
At present, the laser marking application in China has been used by increasingly manufacturers. Farewell general laser marking only black, white, and grey, based on the expansion of the field of stainless steel marking, a new process of stainless color marking appeared. Only a few minutes, the stainless-steel surface can have a variety of beautiful patterns, not only improve the aesthetic value, but also provides more possibilities for the application of stainless steel in life, and create another era of laser marking.

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