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This article shows the training and installations of fiber laser cutting machine  in customers places.

As laser technology develops rapidly,  fiber laser cutting machine has occupied the metal processing market in the global.

Today we would like to share our enginners offering training and installations in customers places

  1. Training and installations of Open type fiber laser cutting machine in Thailand customer place.













Honestly speaking, this is the first laser cutting machine in Thailand. Open type model is easier and suitable for loading and unloading metal materials. And this model is the most popular one in Asian and some partial EU market.

2. Training and installations of plate and tube combined fiber laser cutting machine in India customer factory.






Following is cutting video of 2mm stainless steel in customer place.

Meanwhile This plate and tube combined laser cutting machine can cut both metal sheet and tube.  It can cut not only pipes, but also square tube, rectangle tubes etc.

Because of the advantage that one machine can meet 2 different cutting purposes, it is becoming more and more popular.


3. Training and installations of full enclosed fiber laser cutting machine with exchanged table in Brazil customers










This model is with full enclosure. And enclosed model could provide fully protection for operators. And camera catching function could help people to know the cutting process.

This type fiber laser cutting machine equips two exchanged shuttles. One shuttle is for metal cutting inside the cutting area. Meanwhile another shuttle is for loading new metal and unloading finished metal parts. After cutting move finishes, machine will exchange table automatically. And time is around 10s for one time exchanging.

Through loading and unloading separately and automatic exchanged tables, machine can do continuous cutting of metal without stop. Then the cutting efficiency will be double increased. So this model is widely popular among customers who will do large production each day.

4. Training and installations of full enclosed fiber laser cutting machine with exchanged table in UK customers

Here attached the cutting video of 2mm stainless steel in UK customer factory.

These models with full cover are popular in Europe countries, America etc developed countries. And they have strict laws of operator protection.

And our machine is cater to CE, FDA standard.


laser growth

From the market growth analysing, we can know that the laser market is the fastest growing one in the next five years. And high power fiber laser with kilo watt level will be much more popular. And the lasers have obvious advantages. It is widely used in kind of metal processing industry. Especially it plays an important role in metal processing field in future. That is to say the world of lasers will have a huge demand. Also fiber lasers will maintain a steady growth rate.

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