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how to select Fiber laser cutting machine

How to select Fiber laser cutting machine
your own needs.
Metal laser cutting machine is a tool.Choose the one that suits you best and use it more smoothly.
The existing metal laser cutting machines on the market have a large power span. From 1000W to 10000W. Different metal laser cutting machines of different powers not only have a large price gap, but also cut different cutting thicknesses. The 10000W metal laser cutting machine can cut up to 40mm thick stainless steel plates.While the 1000W metal laser cutting machine has a maximum thickness of about 4mm.
The major manufacturers can also customize the processing format according to the demand. The larger the size, the higher

equipment price.
Therefore, when purchasing a metal laser cutting machine, it is necessary to select the appropriate model according to its own needs: processing metal material, thickness, width, etc.the actual effect.
Due to the actual situation of the machined parts, the actual cutting thickness, speed and effect of the metal laser cutting machine often have some differences with the manufacturer’s propaganda. Therefore, contact the manufacturer in advance to make samples. The actual processing effect is necessary.At present, most metal laser cutting machine manufacturers can provide free proofing services.
the manufacturer’s reputation.
In recent years, the application range of metal laser cutting machines in China has been expanding. Many people are looking at the business opportunities. In the absence of technical accumulation and application experience, there are more and more suppliers start producing. The metal laser cutting machine market is mixed, and it is difficult for ordinary customers to distinguish between authenticity and authenticity.
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