Spare parts u need learn on fiber laser engraver-Angelina

Spare parts u need learn on fiber laser engraver

With the popularity of fiber laser engraver, more and more suppliers add spare parts on the whole machine.

In this way they could enlarge the machine function and also bring more advanatges for customer.

Many design shows the idear of personalization.

In this passage we would like to take some typical objects for example, let us help u learn more about the machine.

At first it is the smoke exhasut.

We all know that it may occur smoke when customer mark their products.

If the machine works for long time in an enclosed room, there must be much smoke.

Customer may feel uncomfortable in this environment, then smoke exhaust plays its big role.

Installing this equipment on the fiber laser engraver could effectively avoind the smoke:

smoke exhaust

Whether for the open model or enclosed type model,  this equipment  is no problem.

If for open model, we could out the tube on the table directly and if for enclosed model we injet the tube behind the machine:

fiber ;aser engraver

Secondly it is the LED lamp, which is a special designed of XTLASER company.

This LED lamp is useful when customer is under dark room or not light environment.

It could help increase the light and make all details clear.

led lamp

This lamp on the fiber laser engraver receives much good feedback from our customer all over the world.

Thridly it is the pedal on the machine.

This pedal is used to control the marking process.

Sometimes u may have no hand to press the keyboard so that controlling the whole process.

In this situation u could use the pedal.

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