customers questions about laser engrave and marking machine-Ella

customers questions about laser engraving and marking machine

1.Is it possible to not get color just depth use this  laser marking machine?

Sure, this can all be adjust in software, speed and laser power are two important data.

2.Get different colors if needed?

If mark on gold, there will be not many colors, only dark grey black or white color.

3.What is the life span of lasers and any working limit for hour basis?

Life span is 100000 hours, it can continue working for 24 hours a day.

This is one of biggest advantages of laser marking machines,long life span and durable use.

After 100000 hours, laser source will not be broken,just laser strength will be weaker.

4.What is the sound decibel of the product and any temperature needed in office use?

Sound decibel is very small, please check this video:

Most of jewelry customers use machine in their shop,no need to worry about sound.

Laser marking machine is cooled can work under terrible environment,normally <50°C,

most of Mid-East customers said our laser machine can work normally in their country temperature in summer.

5.I see a laptop is enough what is the minimum need for laptop or desktop.

Our laser machine is with laptop or desktop ,every software will be install in PC,

so you can open laser machine and use it directly.You want to use your own computer?

6.I am still checking which watt we need and of course other suppliers.

Considering to mark depth, and workload is 100–5000 products,

We recommend 30watts to you, its price is cheaper than 50w and more durable than 20w.

You can compare us with other suppliers, that will prove who is really professional in laser industry.

8.details with pricing and shipment.

Considering floor space,XTLASER recommend you portable type fiber laser marking machine XTL-FP20

Check its working video:

As this machine is small size and light weight, most of customers choose DHL or TNT, which one u choose?It is door to door service, no need to do customs clearance.

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