How To Maintenance Of Fiber Laser Cutting Machine?–Anne

How To Maintenance Of Fiber Laser Cutting Machine?

The main components of the laser cutting machine are circuit system, transmission system, cooling system, optical path system and dust removal system.

Genarally, the last three parts are what we need to maintain on  daily basis.

1. Cooling system.

The water inside the water cooler needs to be replaced regularly. The water quality and water temperature affect the service life of the laser tube directly. We usually suggest use pure or distilled water and keeping the water temperature below 35 °C.

Besides,keep water flowing at any time. The cooling water is responsible for taking away the heat generated by the laser tube.

2. Dust removal system.

The fan is used for a long time, and it will be contaminated with a lot of dust. When finding that the suction of the fan is insufficient and the exhaust is not smooth, you need turn off the power and remove the air inlet and outlet pipes on the fan. Then removing the dust inside the fan.

3. Optical path system.

After the machine has been working for a while, the surface of the lens will be covered with dust. Under these circumstances, the reflectivity of the reflective lens and the transmittance of the lens will reduce.

The operator should use absorbent cotton to rub the ethanol and carefully wipe it along the center of the lens to the edge. The lens should be gently wiped during this process, in case the surface coating will be damaged.


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What gases are needed for metal laser cutting machines?-lisa

What gases are needed for metal laser cutting machines?-lisa

Metal laser cutting machine is a common metal cutting equipment. When using this equipment, you need to choose different auxiliary gas according to different cutting materials. Let us briefly what gas you will need to use on the metal laser cutting machine. Gas, let’s see…

What gases are required for metal laser cutting machines:

At present, the auxiliary gases commonly used in metal laser cutting machines are oxygen, nitrogen, air and argon.
Laser cutting will generate a large amount of during the cutting. When such high heat is concentrated together, the material at the cutting portion is burned, an oxidation reaction occurs, and the workpiece is easily deformed. Therefore, we need to add some auxiliary gases, commonly used are oxygen, air, nitrogen.
Second, when we need to process stainless steel, we should choose nitrogen. Because nitrogen can prevent the oxidation of the incision, the processed incision will not be black. Choose high purity when choosing nitrogen.
Third, if it is to process carbon steel, it is necessary to choose oxygen. Oxygen mainly plays the role of combustion support, which can speed up the processing speed of the workpiece. Of course, the purity of oxygen should be as high as possible.
Fourth, in some processing that is not very precise, we can also choose oxygen, because the use of oxygen is low, and it also has a great auxiliary effect.
In addition to the above functions, these auxiliary gases have many functions in common. These gases can blow away the slag produced during cutting and protect the lens, preventing the slag from sticking to the lens and extending the life of the lens. Air and nitrogen also have a cooling effect that cools the cutting head.
The above is all of our suggestions how to use the gas on the metal laser cutting machine. I hope this article can help everyone.
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How to determine the laser cutting quality-Wendy from XT Laser

How to determine the laser cutting quality is very important. For laser cutting, evaluation of its processing quality includes the following principles:

1, Cutting smooth, no stripes, no brittle fracture;

Metal laser cutting machine cutting high-speed plate. The molten metal does not appear in the vertical laser beam under the incision. But will be in the laser beam partial posterior discharge. As a result, the curved lines are formed at the cutting edge and the lines closely follow the moving laser beam. In order to correct this problem, the feed rate reduces at the end of the cutting process. And the formation of lines can be substantially eliminated.

2, Kerf narrow width, which is mainly related to the diameter of the laser beam spot size;

Cutting width of the metal laser cutting machine generally does not affect the cutting quality. The cutting width is important only in the formation of a very precise profile inside the part. Because the cutting width determines the minimum internal dimensions of the profile. When the plate thickness increases, cutting width also increases. So you want to ensure that the same high-precision, regardless of the width of the incision. The workpieces in the laser cutting machine processing area should be constant.

3, The vertical slit, heat affected zone is small;

Under normal circumstances, the metal laser cutting machine concentrated in the processing of materials below 5MM. The verticality of the section may not be the most important assessment factor. But for high-power laser cutting, when the thickness of the processed material exceeds 10mm. The cutting edge’s verticality is very important. Moving away from focus, the laser beam becomes divergent. Cutting widening toward the top or bottom depending on the focus’s position. Cutting edge deviation from the vertical line a few millimeters. The more vertical edge, the higher the cutting quality.

4, No material combustion, no melt layer formation, no large slag;

Burrs,are highly abrasive burrs such as clinker. That can not be removed without further processing. Or it can be easily removed without further processing.
Metal laser CNC cutting machine dross reflects in the deposition and the section burr. It’s material deposition is because the laser cutting. Before the start of the melt perforation hit the workpiece surface. Before a layer of oil-containing special liquid. Gasification and a variety of materials without the customer blowing the wind cut. But up or down the discharge will be deposited on the surface. And the formation of burrs determines. Laser cutting quality is a very important factor.  Because the removal of burrs require additional workload. Burr is a difficult indicator of quantification. So the amount of burr and how much to judge by cutting the quality of the naked eye .

which materials that fiber laser cutting machine can’t cut?(lisa)

which materials that fiber laser cutting machine can’t cut?(lisa)

cnc fiber laser cutter

Operation cost of carbon steel fiber laser cutting machine

As more and more industries increase the demand for laser cutting equipment, laser cutting equipment will face with new challenges. Especially, the level of requirements for crafts is getting higher and higher, and the upgrading of technology is very important. In some industries where laser cutting machines are not in contact, they have begun to put the fiber laser cutter into use. However, laser cutting machines are not omnipotent, some materials might be not possible.

Many people believe that fiber laser cutting machines can be equipped with different power laser, the cutting range should be very wide, the effect should be much better than other cutting methods. In fact, the cutting machine also can be classified with different types which can cut different materials. What are the mainstream devices in the market?


As we all know that being the mainstream of the cutting machine, fiber laser cutting machine is the best choice to cut the different materials with the advantages of its wide cutting range, fast cutting speed, good cutting effect and maintenance-free in the market. Especially for the cutting of metal materials.

Although fiber laser cutting machines have many excellent features, there are still many materials that cannot cut. What materials cannot cut by fiber laser cutting machines?

First of all, we need to be clear that the fiber laser cutting machine belongs to the category of metal cutting machine, so we use it to process metal. But for the non-metal materials such as cloth, leather, it is not the better choice.

Secondly, the fiber laser cutting machine cannot cut the MDF, include fiberboard, wood fiber, and plant fiber, and some materials with urea-formaldehyde resin and artificial board made of adhesive. Because fiber laser cutting machine is belong to hot-processed. It will cause burning and burn the cutting edge, therefore it fail to meet the perfect cutting requirements. Therefore, these types of materials are currently not process with fiber laser cutting machines.

There are also some highly reflective materials. Since these materials are not within the ideal absorption range of these materials for the laser wavelength. The energy will refect to burn out the protective lens. Therefore, these types of materials are also currently not process with fiber laser cutting machines.


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Daily maintenance of fiber laser cutting machine-Ivy

Daily maintenance of fiber laser cutting machine

How to use and maintain the fiber laser cutting machine? When using fiber laser cutting machine to process objects, you need to learn the use and maintenance skills of fiber laser cutting machine equipment. In order to better play the function of the equipment and maximize the working efficiency of the equipment. You can see the Daily maintenance of fiber laser cutting machine

1) Always check the steel strip and make sure it is tight.

Otherwise, if there is a problem in the operation, it may hurt people and seriously lead to death. The steel strip looks like a small thing. And the problem is still a bit serious.

2) Check the straightness of the track and the verticality of the machine every six months. And find that the maintenance and debugging are not normal.

If you don’t do this, it is possible that the effect of cutting out is not so good, the error will increase. And the cutting quality will affect. This is a top priority and must finish.

3) Use a vacuum cleaner to suck dust and dirt from the machine once a week.

All electrical cabinets should keep clean and dustproof.

4) Each guide rail should clean frequently to eliminate dust and other debris, to ensure that the normal rack of the equipment should wipe regularly. And lubricated to ensure lubrication without debris.

The guide rails should be cleaned and lubricated frequently, and the motor should clean and lubricate frequently. The machine can move better during the journey, and the quality of the cut products will improve.

5) The double focal length laser cutting head is a fragile item on the laser cutting machine, which causes damage to the laser cutting head due to long-term use.

Fiber laser cutting machines require regular inspection and maintenance. So if there is any deformation or other forms, you should know that the laser cutting head is a little damage and needs to replace. Then failure to replace will affect the quality of the cut and increase the cost. Some products may have to processe twice to reduce production efficiency. When purchasing the goods, it should carefully check to avoid problems when it is used.

Functions of Parts from Cutting Machine—Tony

Functions of Parts from Cutting Machine

In the fiber laser cutting machine, different parts have different functions to achieve the cutting purpose. So, what are their functions? Please read on.

Machine Bed:

The main function of machine bed is support all the parts working. The range of load-bearing ability is between 800kg to 1500kg. Its own weight is able to ensure the machine’s stability.

Laser source:

A device for generating a laser beam source. For the laser source of XT Laser, we use IPG, Raycus, and Nlight. Sometimes we also provide other brands’ laser source. The machine power we have 500 watt and above. Those laser source we use is the mainstream laser source you can find in this market.

Cutting head:

Mainly include part like cutting head body, focus lens, protective mirrors, capacitance type sensor Auxiliary gas nozzles and other parts. The cutting head drive device is used to drive the cutting head alone Z axis according to the program. It is composed of servo motor and transmission parts such as ball screw or gear.

Driving system:

The machine’s move is through the fit of control system and machine. Control system give the servo motor to produce the kinetic energy, the X,Y and  Z axis are moved by kinetic energy. By the rail guide and rack, machine will move on X and Y axis. For Z axis, the cutting head up and down by screw rod. We also put reducer under the servo motor. In this way, the reducer could protect this machine run well.

Chiller group

For cooling laser source and focus lens, reflective mirror in cutting head.

Gas Group

1 Gas tank Mainly used to supply cutting head assistant gas.
2 Air compressor and container: To provide and keep assist gas for cutting.
3 .Air cooling & dryer machine, air filter: Used to supply clean dry air to laser generators and beam paths to keep the path and mirror working.

cnc fiber laser cutter

Operation cost of carbon steel fiber laser cutting machine



Agent’s question about fiber laser machine-Wendy

Before buying a set of fiber laser machine for their customer,distributors will consider and have many questions.
It is very normal for every distributor to compare the price quality and service of  different suppliers.
So now we made a summary of distributors’ questions of laser cutting machine for reference.

1.What is most important parts/consumables of fiber laser machines that needs to be taken cared of?

Laser source-Do not bend the yellow cable, it is fragile.

Laser head-Do not smash it.

2.About the Technical Support.Do you provide training? How many days?

Yes, we can provide training, if you can come to our factory, we offer training free of charge.

But board and lodging are paid by yourself.

Our engineers can go to your company to train staff, but board and lodging should be offered by your company.

So considering to save your cost, you had better send your engineers to our factory.

3.What are the coverage of training?

Training include: general knowledge of fiber laser machine,

then specific details of how to operate machines,

how to maintain after sales, how to solve some common problems.

XTLASER engineers will teach you whatever you need to learn.

4.How do we go about basic troubleshooting?

If some small trouble, we can send u solution via email.

If needed, our aftersales service team will use video chatting ,

remote control and phone calling to solve some urgent troubles.

5.Are there any module or presentation for machine training to customers,

Should we require technical support, what are the processes,and how much will be the cost?

In fact, every of our overseas agents will buy one demo machine first,

so they learn how to use it by themselves,after that, they will use the demo machine for presentation.

During presentation, they will have many technical problems.

So we will offer many ways to solve their troubles.

As a result, step by step, they are skilled in fiber laser machines finally.

I think this way is also better for you.About technical support cost, it is free of charge to offer you help.

XTLASER always protect agents interest, help you develop stronger and stronger.

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Fiber laser metal cutter operation-Wendy

Fiber laser metal cutter operation

Fiber laser metal cutter has better and better market now. Many customer start to change plasma and waterjet to fiber laser. As fiber laser has higher precision and higher speed.

When you got a fiber laser with a big amont money. Do you know how to maintance and operate? Here sare some items for reference.

When you got machine installed in factory. Then you can do some usual check and maintance as below.

a. First  Get familiar with the fiber laser cutter. Then  learn the safety, technical and management rules.

b. Engineer who operate machine should be trained .  And well known the machine. Also  Strictly follow the use instructions.

c. Make sure operators wear protective glass. To provent from any burn danger from laser .

d. Make sure the electrity power supply stable, gas , water in safe condition. When any emergency, turn off the main power.

e. Keep the room air clean and hygienic, for both machine lifetime and operator health.

f. Keep workshop temprature 5-30 °C. Also ensure the water chiller work normally , not freezing.

g. Always check the lubrication condition of the equipment. If any abnormality is found, it must shut down immediately for maintenance.

So if you turn on the laser without authorization, you will be at your own risk.

h. Also operator can not leave the production site in the boot state. And to prevent “rocker” hit the cutting head.

The advantages of laser marking machine 20w fiber – Jennifer

laser marking machine 20w is one of the biggest application in the laser processing technology fields. It has the unique strength than silk-screen, pressing, and electro corrosion. What’s more, in the real application field, it’s advantage is quite clear.

The major showing forms are listed as below:

Firstly,  high reliable in the jewelry fiber laser marking machine. The marking format, letter, series number, clear. And it belongs to the non-touching processing, so the whole processing items will keep original and unbroken.

Secondly,  computer-drawing, composing with high science. In the computer system, it can finish all the images.

Thirdly,  anti-counterfeiting performance is high in the cnc fiber laser metal marking machine. It can customize many colors. It can make sure that your products will not be faked & copied. More and more best-selling products can get.

Fourth. High marking speed in the fiber laser marking machine. Shortening using time for one unit item. It will enhance the manufacturing efficiency. More orders can be gotten in the long term using this jewelry fiber laser marking machine .

Fifth. High precision, high beautiful outlook products by fiber laser marking machine. It is ornamental performance is strong. CNC fiber laser metal marking machine is with the high marking accuracy & high good-looking products. In the final products, it will enhance the products’ effects.

Sixth, Multi-usage in many different application in the cnc metal laser cutting machine. Many fields can use this fiber laser marking machine. Logo marking, series number engraving, metal tag, customized gifts using, and so on. Clients have the high satisfaction in the cnc fiber laser metal marking machine.

Lastly, more clients will use this fiber laser marking machine in many fields. Iphone fonts marking, dog tag marking, logo printing, customized presents and so on.

Tips for Using Fiber Laser Cutting—Tony

Tips for Using Fiber Laser Cutting

Nowadays, fiber laser cutting became a popular trend for various industries need metal cutting. More and more factories have their own machines for metal cutting. But since the laser cutting working process is a new craft, some customers still can not operate the machine very well. Actually, if you do know the principle of laser and machine. Then there is not a problem. So today, I will give you some useful tips. It might help you to better understanding how to use that.


Carbon Steel.

Carbon Steel is not a high-reflection material. It is not like aluminum or brass. This material is the most suitable material for fiber laser cutting. For the cutting effect, any machines you can find in the market are able to cut carbon steel with a perfect effect.  The application of carbon steel is more and more extensive. The maximum thickness of carbon steel plate can be cut by modern laser cutting machine up to 20MM. the cutting seam of carbon steel can be controlled in the range of satisfactory width by using oxidation melting cutting mechanism, and the cutting seam of thin plate can be narrowed to about 0.1mm.

Stainless Steel.

Laser cutting of stainless steel, using the energy released by a laser beam to the surface of a steel plate to melt and vaporize the stainless steel. Laser cutting of stainless steel is a fast and effective method for manufacturing of stainless steel sheet as main component. Cutting speed, laser power, air pressure and so on are the most important technological parameters affecting the cutting quality of stainless steel. Compared with low carbon steel, stainless steel cutting requires higher laser power and higher oxygen pressure.

But the stainless steel cutting achieves satisfactory cutting effect, it is difficult to obtain the completely non-stick slag cutting seam. In general, high pressure nitrogen and laser beam coaxial injection are used to blow away molten metal so that no oxide is formed on the cutting surface. This is a good method, but more expensive than conventional oxygen cutting. One alternative to pure nitrogen is to use filtered compressed air in the workshop, which consists of 78% nitrogen.