1KW Steel fiber laser cutting machine: Charry

1KW Steel fiber laser cutting machine

1KW Steel fiber laser cutting machine.

Yesterday one Pakistan customer sent me an inquiry on the fiber laser cutting machine.He need to cut about 6mm carbon steel.

Actually,6mm carbon steel is really easy for 1000w laser power. 750w can cut 6mm CS, thats the maximum cutting thickness.

But usually we do not recommend customers to have a longer time for limit cutting.

Why can not have a limit cutting?

If there is a large quantity of 6mm CS cutting by 750w, the laser head will be a higher temperature,harmful to the head using time.

The laser source also can not stand the longer limit cutting for a longer time,the using time will be shorter.

The laser source and laser head are the important machine parts,if the two parts are not good,that will affect the whole machine using.

Can you imagine that you buy one machine with USD40000,but just work 1 year or 2year?that waste your cost and time.

Still not so bad,the customer know this situation,and they need the higher cutting speed,so he told us,they need a comparison of the cutting speed.

As below:

Material Laser power  Cutting speed (m/minute)
 1/8 inches stainless steel 750w 1.2-1.8
1000w 2.1-3
1500w 4
1/4 inches steel 750w 0.9-1.2
1000w 1.8
1500w 2.6

1KW Steel fiber laser cutting machine

They final to choose 1kw laser power,cause the suitable speed and cost.

Sharing the cutting ability of different laser powers:

Maximum cutting limit: stainless steel carbon steel Aluminum Brass
500w 3mm 6mm 1mm 1mm
750w 4mm 10mm 2mm 2mm
1000w 5mm 10mm 3mm 2.5mm
1500w 6mm 16mm 4mm 3mm
2000w 8mm 20mm 5mm 4mm
3000w 10mm 22mm 6mm 5mm

Sharing one cutting video with you:

Following with the cutting samples:

1KW Steel fiber laser cutting machine




















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