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             High power laser cutter play a very important role in our work, especially for cutting some metal products.


Top brand

There are two brands in the high power laser cutter market.

One is a domestic brand and the other is a foreign brand. Among the two types of brands, the average foreign brands are generally higher than the domestic brands, generally around 70,000 to 100,000.

However, the laser cutting machine products of foreign brands are generally much better than the domestic products. But not all of the foreign products are all produce abroad, only some of the important parts are produce abroad, and then hand over.

Chinese manufacturers processing, whether to choose domestic brands or foreign brands to choose according to their own preferences.

Second, craftsmanship


There are three kinds of use techniques for laser cutting machines.

One is fiber laser. One is vaporization laser.And the other is oxidation laser.

These three laser processes can use to cut objects of different natures. Among the three cutting processes, fiber-optic laser cutting machines are the most expensive and have the highest cutting skills. The cutting process is also the highest, and the price of this type of product is generally around 500,000.

Third, after sales service

The average length of after-sales service of ordinary laser cutting machines is about one year.

But the requirements of different brands of machinery for after-sales service are also different. The longer the general service life is, the more types of after-sales service are included.And the price of machinery is relatively higher.

Above we talked about three factors that affect the price of laser-cut fuselage.

These three factors must be considered in the process of purchasing this laser machine, but in addition to considering three factors.

You need to personally. It is a detail understanding of the laser cutting machine market. And it is also an essential part of bargaining with the merchant if necessary.

Only after considering all of these factors can you purchase a satisfying product.

Of course, in the process of purchasing, we must not use price as our only reference factor.

Quality is also our necessary reference standard. We must not buy some quality and inferior mechanical products for the sake of cheapness. It is very bad. We must try to avoid it.

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