2kw Fiber laser cutting machine for carbon steel-Angelina

2kw Fiber laser cutting machine for carbon steel

Generally speaking,fiber laser cutting machine has many advantages in the metal cutting.

Innovation is the driver of high performance manufacturing and the key to competitive differentiation.

Whats more,innovation is at the core of all fiber laser cutting machine solutions.

The great innovation of the high performance XT Fiber lies in the single-mindedness.

Right down to the smallest detail, the machine has been designed 100% for fiber laser cutting… without compromises.

Besides,high cutting dynamics, thin to thick cutting capabilities.

Seamless automation solutions, intelligent sensor technology.

And the integration into modern software systems are all possible with the XT Fiber Laser.

fiber laser cutting machine

1.Innovative cutting bridge design of fiber laser cutting machine
One of the keys to achieving exceptional acceleration dynamics is reducing weight while increasing rigidity.

XTLASER enables fiber laser cutting machine to take full advantage of the increased speeds.
Besides,the XT fiber laser cutting interface intuitively guides users through the operation process.

The full  high definition touch screen provides maximum operating convenience.

Also the transparent process control of the entire manufacturing process. The touch screen looks much like modern smart phones and tablets.

Therefore,operators quickly and intuitively learn the control interface.

fiber laser cutting machine

Except that,the company behind the technology is as important as the technology itself.

In this situation,XT LASER recognizes that it’s not just about the machine, but it’s also about the company.

As leader in the machine tool industry,  we bring an extensive history in the manufacture of quality machine products.

It is with proven machine performance to the market.

2.The service of the fiber laser cutting machine we provide

First of all,Dedicated training and applications teams.
Secondly,Dedicated service and laser application hotlines.
Thirdly, Nationwide factory service network for local support.
An last,Regional service managers ensuring local customer satisfaction.

fiber laser cutting machine



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