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3D laser engraving machine

Fiber laser markers have very wide application now and it is mature product. Now there is so many company in the market, even several people can establish one factory on fiber laser markers. Of course, although most company just work on laser machine assemble, with same machine parts, different company will do different quality. When fiber laser machine producing become very easy, its profit will become lower and lower as the compete is so drastic. These company have to reduce profit in order to get order. In order to extend the business, many company develop new laser technology according to the market. 3D laser engraving machine rise in the market.

Jewelry fiber laser engraving machine

What is 3D laser?

3D laser engraving machine is dynamic focusing laser machine. It have wider application then 2D laser. 

Now 2D laser machine is popular and cheap in the market. We know it have one fixed focus length from F-theta lens to working surface. Its focus depth is only 1~2mm. Only when on the focus machine can work normally. So 2D laser can only mark on flat surface. Although it can do deep engraving, the depth is on the same level.

2D galvo head only have X&Y 2 pieces reflective mirror and focus by F=theta lens. it belong to back focus. 3D laser galvo head have 3 X&Y&Z pieces mirror, it reach focus through move back and forth the Z mirrors. 3D laser engraving machine have no F-theta lens. So its focus length is adjustable.

Above all are the biggest different for 3D laser engraving machine and 2D laser.

3D laser engraving machine can do?

3D laser marker usually have 2 kinds in the market, one kind is for large format marking, and one kind is for curved surface.

  • large format marking

300*300mm is the max marking size for 2D laser marking machine now. 3D laser can reach to 1200*1200mm working size. Usually large format 3D laser have wide application on co2 laser marking machine. Many customer use it on art craft, decoration and cloths manufacturing.

  • Curved surface marking

Curved surface marking and emboss engraving is becoming more and more popular in the market. We can see many very beautiful product in some craft shop and gift shop. They do very beautiful pattern on curved surface or embossing. It is 3D laser product.

Now XT LASER have make one very cheap 3D laser machine model on curved surface marking and curved surface engraving. If you want to know more on it. feel free to contact us.

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