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3D Robot Fiber Laser Cutting Machine (2)

Characteristics of 3D robot fiber laser cutting machine

3D Robot fiber laser cutting machine
3D Robot fiber laser cutting machine

1. Flexible high, especially suitable for small batch of three-dimensional sheet metal cutting

Its high flexibility mainly manifest in two aspects:

First, the adaptability of the material is strong, laser cutting machine through the NC program can basically cut any plate.
Second, the processing path controll the program, if the processing object changes.

Only the modified procedures, this point in trimming, cutting holes is evident. Because the trimming die and the punching die for different parts of the processing and the high cost of mold incapable of action. So that the 3D laser cutting to replace and repair the side mold and punching die trend.

Generally speaking, the fixture design and the use of three-dimensional machining is more complex. But the laser processing of the processed plate without mechanical processing force, which makes the fixture production has become very simple. In addition, if a laser device equip with different hardware and software. It can realize a variety of functions.
In a word, in the actual production, 3D laser cutting has obvious advantages in improving product quality. Production efficiency, shortening product development cycle, reducing labor intensity and saving raw materials. Therefore, despite the high cost of equipment, one-time investment. There are still a lot of domestic cars, aircraft manufacturers purchase 3D laser processing machine. Some colleges and universities have also purchased the corresponding equipment for scientific research. 3D laser technology is in our country manufacturing industry is playing an increasingly important role.

2. Fiber laser cutting robot advantages and disadvantages contrast

First, replace five axis machine tool with industrial robot. Both of them can be used to describe the spatial trajectory and realize three-dimensional cutting.

The repeated positioning accuracy of the industrial robot is slightly lower than that of the five axis machine tool. About 100um. But it can fully meet the precision requirements of the automobile sheet metal panel and chassis industry. The industrial robot greatly reduces the cost of the system, reduces the cost of power system and system operation and maintenance costs. And reduces the area of the system.

Second, compared with traditional laser, fiber laser has better cutting quality. Lower system cost. Longer service life. Lower maintenance cost and lower power consumption.

The key point is that the laser of fiber laser can transmit through optical fiber. Which is easy to connect with industrial robot and realize flexible processing.

Third, the only defect of the system is that only metal workpieces can machine and non metal workpieces can not machine.

This is because the system uses a fiber laser, its wavelength is 1064nm. Relative to the wavelength of 10640nm CO2 laser, it is not easy to absorb the non-metallic workpiece reasons.

Fourth, by using a combination of industrial robot and fiber laser processing, trimming and punching process once completed.

Neat incision without re treatment after the process, greatly shorten the process, reduce the labor cost and tooling cost investment, improve product quality and added value. The off-line programming software is selected, the cutting path is directly generated by numerical simulation, and the complex manual teaching is abandoned. It is more suitable for the small batch and multi batch maintenance market, new product trial and non-standard customization and other personalized cutting needs.

Fifth, advanced fiber laser technology and digital control technology perfect fusion, represents the most advanced laser cutting machine.

Control system, professional computer laser cutting operation, to ensure the quality of cutting, the cutting work more convenient, more simple operation; configuration of intelligent manipulator, which can realize 3D cutting, easy manipulation, a high degree of intelligence, high speed, high precision and high reliability of equipment; laser cutting head configuration of imported laser cutting head, sensitive and accurate, effective coordination with the manipulator, cutting head and processing plate collision avoidance, and can guarantee the cutting focus position, ensure the quality of cutting stability; laser cutting head can withstand 1.0MPa gas pressure, pressure gas equipment, improve the cutting ability of stainless steel and other hard cutting materials.

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