50w jewelry name necklace cutting machine: Charry

50w jewelry name necklace cutting machine

50w jewelry name necklace cutting machine

This is Charry from XTLASER,a manufacturer of fiber laser machine with 14 years.

Recently,there are too many customers ask about the jewelry cutting machine.

Hope the following words can help you.

Firstly,thats really interesting,cause i got 4 inquiries within one day,and one USA customer buy the machine immediately.So you can know,our machine is really popular.And i want to say,i am not only a professional sales person,but also i am good at technology,not just a usual sales person.

Secondly,for most jewelry customers,they prefer to choose 50w laser power,50w can cut 2mm gold,1.5mm silver,brass.And do deep engraving,marking.

Most customers choose this mini model,cause the smaller size,is easy to ship and move.

Thirdly,sharing our machine working videos with you:


After cutting,usually need the polishing,so you do not need worry about the burned color.

Fourthly,following is the USA customer,she bought 50w power,sharing with you:

(she is the person i said,decide to buy the machine within one day,a direct customer)

Finally,in jewelry field,most customers also need to mark rings,inside or outside,following with the rotary device:
I always send the rotary free to our jewelry customers.

Inside rings marking https://youtu.be/aEh8g5lKwHs
Outside rings marking https://youtu.be/PR7Dq-iA_0M

So that will help you to a better jewelry working.

So if you need jewelry cutting machine,you can contact me.

But do not ask about the price directly,additionally,its better to tell us your requirements,and i show me your cutting files or pictures.(and if you just focus on really lower price,then do not contact us,we focus on quality)

Cause some difficult files,its hard to cut it perfectly,i need to make sure after you get the machine,it can meet your need.Not to waste your time and money.

So if you need help,find me: