Advantage of Mopa Fiber Laser Marker Machine- Tulsa

Advantage of Mopa Laser Marker Machine– Tulsa

Because of laser machine industry develop fast and fast, laSer marking machine is devide many type.

For example, fiber laser marking machine, CO2 laser marking machine, Mopa fiber laser marking machine.

If you want to marking on crystalm or glass, you can choose UV and green fiber laser marking machine.

So according to customer different demand, you need different machine.

Mopa laser marker machine have many advantage compared with fiber laser marking machine.

Let us introduce to you, please follow to learn more.

No.1 Stainless steel color marking

Mopa is the only one to marking color in laser marking machine.

Please check the photo below, it’s beautiful, right?

Besides it can deep marking on stainlesss steel like fiber laser marking machine.

Of course, you need to use high power, 20w is just can marker, liker fiber laser marking machine.

Mopa laser maker machine will do better.

No.2 plastic marking

As we all known, fiber laser marking machine is used in metal marking and a part of plastic marking.

But mopa laser marker machine have many advantage in plastic marking.

Mopa can mark almost all plastic and will mark well. We deal many customer in US.

Many customer  need to marking logo on stainless steel.

Besides, if you adjust parameter well, you can made art production, too.

No.3 Durable

Because of fiber laser marking machine is used width, not very many people know that machine.

Mopa price is a little expensive than fibe rlaser marking machine, but it have many advantage.

Hope you can get these information, and have more experience in choose laser machine.

Mopa fiber laser marker machine will be used in more and more industry.

So it will develop more and more fast, hope we can do better and better in this area.

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