The advantage of Mopa marking laser in souvenir and customized gift – Jennifer

Nowadays, many clients choose to use the unique advantage to attract the clients interests, especially in the tourism fields. Thus the Mopa marking laser machine can do best effects in souvenir and customized gift field.

What work Mopa marking laser can do?

In order to demonstrate the advantages of the new MOPA marking laser to all interested parties and customers, XT LASER technical team has produced hundreds of samples. In this short video, we show you the production of the different marking samples with Mopa JPT laser source. We have created three samples that demonstrate the advantage of the MOPA marking laser:

Why you choose the Mopa laser

With the MOPA lasers you can adjust the pulse duration variably and reduce it to a few nanoseconds compared to the conventional fiber laser sources. Due to the short pulses as well as the lower pulse energy, the material is heated less. Thus, the possibilities of labeling metals and plastics increase enormously. All marking lasers of the Mopa laser series are also available with the MOPA laser source in addition to the conventional fiber lasers.

What is Mopa laser

MOPA Fiber Lasers
Unlike YAG lasers, MOPA fiber lasers utilize semiconductor diodes as the pumping mechanism and a doped fiber optic cable as the gain medium. For these fiber lasers, the doped fiber optic also serves as the resonator. MOPA fiber lasers are much more reliable and efficient than previous laser technologies. With these laser systems, you know you are getting the best technology on the market.


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