Air compressor of fiber laser cutting machine – June

Air compressor  of fiber laser cutting machine

Air compressor of  fiber laser cutting machine

As we all know .Compressor  widely used in the laser cutting machine industry, one of the auxiliary equipment.

For Screw air compressor of the laser cutting machine determine the laser cutting machine cut out of the product quality.

(1).Air compressor of fiber laser cutting machine

The importance  of  Air compressor  in  the fiber  laser cutting machine processing field.

When  Laser cutting machine in the processing, we must use shielding gas.Air should simple and economical air protection gas.

However , what is the role of air compressor ? it is part of the compressed air.

which with high purity oxygen and  nitrogen composition cutting gas provided to the cutting head.

A part of which is used as a power source for the cylinder of the clamping table

And  also a part is used to purge the optical path system.

After the compressed air discharged from the air passes through the gas tank,  through the dryer and then enters the air-conditioner cabinet.

While  the processing system, into a clean dry gas.

Eventually divided into three gases , as a cutting gas, cylinder power source and the light path of positive pressure dust gas to maintain the normal operation of the laser cutting machine.

To make a conclusion ,Air compressor are very important to  each laser cutting equipment。

it  not only save cost but also easy to operate  .

(2)Fiber  laser cutting machine( air compressor)  maintenance:

1. Air filter cartridge.

Under normal circumstances every 500 hours to clear the air filter element surface .

check every 2000 hours need to replaced.

According to dust content.Inspection or replacement cycle can  extended or shortened

2,.intake valve seals.

In the laser cutting machine , if the air compressor works up to  4000 hours,need to check the seal condition, if necessary, need  replaced.

3. compressor oil.

If you keep an oil air compressor .

Every 1000 hours need check oil content however it need to  replace the new oil after 4000 hours

4.oil filter.

Every 2000 hours to replace a new piece.

Otherwise the oil will make a influence of the cutting effect

5, oil and gas separator.

Every 4000 hours need to  replaced a new piece.

because for oil-air compressors, the oil-water separator function: separates the oil from the moisture in the air and therefore accumulates over a long period of time and can affect the filtration efficiency without the need to replace or clean the oil-water separator

6.Pressure valve.

Clean every 4000 hours, and check whether  the opening pressure is normal.

7, safety valve.

Every 4000 hours to check whether the action is sensitive.

8. drive belt.

To adjust the degree of tightness every 2000 hours, every 4000 hours to check the wear and tear, according to wear and tear decide whether or not to replace.

9.Motor maintenance.

According to the motor instruction manual for maintenance.


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air compressor of fiber laser cutting machine
air compressor of fiber laser cutting machine