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Analysis Fiber Laser Marking Machine Path Problems

When customers use the fiber laser marking machine, sometimes will have problem. Today we will analysis fiber laser marking machine path problems. You can see as follow:

Step 1: Checking the reference light source.

The red fiber laser is the reference for the entire light path. And must first ensure its accuracy. Use a simple height gauge to check whether the red light is parallel to the top surface of the optical bench rail. And on the center line between the two rails of the optical bench. If there is a deviation, you can adjust it with the six fastening screws. After adjustment, take care to check whether all fastening screws have fully tightened.

Step 2: Adjust the position of the output mirror (output medium diaphragm).

Before adjusting the output mirror, remove the condenser chamber with the YAG rod. So as to prevent the adjustment accuracy due to the deviation of the YAG rod in the optical path. The exact location of the output media diaphragm should be the exit hole that allows the red light to be centered and can fully reflect the red light back to the red light, otherwise it should be carefully adjusted by the knob of the diaphragm holder. Note that after the adjustment, the locking ring on the diaphragm adjustment knob should be fully locked to ensure the stability of its position, and then check once again whether the position of the reflected light remains in place.

Step 3: Check the installation position of YAG rods.

Affix the transparent adhesive tapes to the ends of the YAG rods and observe whether the red spot is in the middle position of the two rod sleeves. If there is any deviation, adjust the spotlight. The position of the cavity is corrected. Then observe the position of the reflected light of the YAG rod, which should coincide with the exit hole of the red light. Otherwise, adjust the position of the condenser cavity while taking into account the red light as much as possible at the center of the rod sleeve, so that the reflected light is as close as possible to the exit hole. At least ensure that the deviation from the exit hole is less than 1mm.


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