Application of fiber laser cutting machine in elevator manufacturing industry-Juicy

The application of fiber laser cutting machine has promoted the quality of domestic elevator manufacturing.fiber laser cutting machine in elevator industry.

China is the largest new elevator market in the world.

Due to the rapid development of the real estate industry, urban public construction and other industries, China’s elevator market keeps increasing at a rate of 20% annually.

With advanced fiber laser cutting machine, we can improve the automation and intellectualization of the equipment.

so as to be able to handle various production tasks flexibly, improve the product quality and improve the production capacity.

Introduction of traditional elevator laser cutting technology.

In the 1990 s, the whole machine factory is basically multi-station punch board processing,fiber laser cutting machine in elevator industry

with some world famous brands after the elevator in the domestic owned or joint venture of the introduction of laser cutting machine,

laser cutting machine in the domestic elevator industry began to use.At the beginning of the 21st century.

with the emergence of domestic laser cutting machine manufacturing enterprises, the domestic first the advent of high power fiber laser cutting machine cutting machine.

and makes the laser cutting machine can only rely on the import situation has been broken.

makes the expensive prices also fell sharply at the same time.Since the late 1970s, high-power CO2 laser cutting machine has been the main force in the field of laser cutting.

CO2 laser has high power consumption, high gas consumption and complex external light path.

which makes it the soft side of this kind of laser cutting machine.And fiber laser cutting machine cutting speed, operating costs low.

can cut copper, aluminium high reflective materials, and no significant advantages such as external light path.

now has become a major elevator companies preferred.

New fiber laser cutting machine processing elevator advantage.

There are many stainless steel plates and film materials in elevator industry.

Compared with traditional CNC punching machine, laser cutting has high surface finish and no cutting edge.

here is no such advantages as mold loss.

The fiber laser cutting machine can also cut into smaller and smaller sharp corners.

which can effectively avoid the shaping deformation of the stamping process workpiece and enhance the core competitiveness of the product.

In the cutting of plates with thickness of 6mm.

the fiber laser cutting machine also has a unique speed advantage.

For example, 1mm thick stainless steel cutting can achieve a straight line speed of 70m/min, which effectively improves enterprise productivity.