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The application of laser processing dot light guide plate.


The words “light guide plate(LGP)"is a familiar word for light boxes, lighting, and electronics. .
it may be unfamiliar to non-professionals person.
It looks unremarkable,so it's just one of many products,and it plays a crucial role.

What is LGP?

The light guide plate or line of light into a uniform luminous surface it is.

Its design principle originates from our commonly used laptop computer monitor,Which is to convert the light source of the light from the side to the surface.


Is widely use it in liquid crystal display backlight.
(1)advertising light boxes
(2)medical X-ray see tablets
(3)flat-panel lighting
(4)lighting projects

(5)luminous signs and other occasions.

The traditional way of processing the plate is to rely on silk this processing way.

And this processing way is chemical in the production process of corrosive acid production.

raw materials toxic, is a kind of non-environmental production way.
With the development of science and technology.
 The increasing of competitiveness and even the increasingly serious environmental the upgrading of the processing technology of the light guide plate is inevitable!

Laser dot processing way for LGP

Laser dot in the form of using a laser instantaneous high light energy.

By chemical to physical function, in the coordinates of the point of vaporizing yakeli.
So the surface accurately. So the laser dot on the guide plate, to achieve the purpose of the light of light guide plate.


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The main laser dot light guide plate:

(1)Advertising light box industry
light guide plate(LGP)(2)Displayer

light guide plate(LGP)

(3)Flat lamp, panel lamp lighting industry
(4)LED light signboard

Time limit cannot list all.

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