How should the auxiliary gas of fiber laser cutting machine choose-Juicy

Fiber laser cutting machine for cutting is commonly used when some auxiliary gas. Auxiliary gas of fiber laser cutting machine

Where good people often use might be to know.

But for the use of this model may not be very understand just.

They will think when laser cutting machine in cutting without auxiliary gas or air daily can act as gas.

it’s not that optical fiber laser cutting machine auxiliary gas what how should we choose?

When cutting metal sheet.

the fiber laser cutting machine can choose nitrogen, oxygen and air as auxiliary gas.

The quality of fiber laser cutting machine
Their role is:


when cutting colored plates such as stainless steel or aluminum.

Nitrogen is used as an auxiliary gas.

which can act as a cooling and protective material.


when cutting carbon steel.

oxygen can use.

because oxygen has the function of cooling and accelerating combustion to accelerate cutting.


If you want to save cost.

You can use air to cut stainless steel.

but there is a slight burr on the opposite side, and you can use sandpaper to polish some of it.
That is to say.

the fiber laser cutting machine can choose air as the auxiliary gas when cutting some materials.

Laser cutting.

however, experts advise, below 1.5 MM carbon steel sheet using air and nitrogen can be cutting.

Welding slag can controll.

But appear welding slag.

can only be used for grinding wheel grinding, but it is best to use oxygen.
At present, the application of laser cutting machine products is in full swing.

The metal sheet cutting equipment in the market mainly includes CNC fiber laser cutting machine.

CNC CO2 laser cutting machine, etc.
For thick plate metal.

high-power CNC CO2 laser cutting machine is most popular.

but the high-power CNC fiber laser cutting machine can not meet the cutting demand of processors.

Because it has two major technical difficulties:

Cutting edge combustion is easy to fluctuate.

leading to the cutting difficulty fiber laser cutting machine cannot cut the steel plate with thickness of more than 10mm.

which is mainly related to the stability of cutting edge combustion temperature.
In the process of cutting.

the cutting edge of the steel plate is continuously cooled by the oxygen flow from the cutting nozzle.
On the other hand:

the iron oxide produced during combustion also blocks the diffusion of oxygen

And eventually leads to the decline of the forward combustion temperature.
When using traditional convergent laser cutting.

Due to the laser radiation area is also a strong burning effect and the oxygen concentration decreased.

It may force cutting edge volatility changes in temperature.

Causing the incision quality fluctuates with the temperature of cutting edge.
Thick plate easy to hang slag.

influence the cutting quality of traditional metal cutting equipment cutting 10 mm thick steel plate.

mainly because of the increase of the thickness of the steel plate is easy to cause reduced oxygen purity of incision.

which affect the temperature of the incision.
As anyone who has studied the principle of cutting knows.

oxygen purity and iron oxygen burn rate decrease in the same direction.
Fell when the purity of oxygen and iron oxide in burning rate will decline.

It is to cause a decline in the nozzle of oxygen burning energy.

Cut surface at the same time can also lead to increased levels of iron liquid layer hang slag.
For users requiring high quality cutting, these slags are unacceptable.
An effective way to solve this problem is to find ways to increase the oxygen purity of the incision and maintain stability.
The most commonly used is to increase the auxiliary oxygen flow.

improve the oxygen purity and stability of the incision.

Through the above introduction we have basic understanding of the laser cutting machine should  add when using what kind of auxiliary gas.

Through each kind of effect.

we can in compliance with the requirements of their own needs to choose the appropriate gas!