How to avoid the cutting slag:Charry

How to avoid the cutting slag

How to avoid the cutting slag.

How to avoid the cutting slag


Why there will be with burning edge and slag?

When cutting small holes,the outside of the hole can be sufficiently cooling.But the small hole portion inside is small in space.Due to heat diffusion, then there will be overburning and drossing. In addition, for thick metal cutting,the overheating will also affect the gas pressure,and finally to burning.

How to solve the burning edge and the slag?

When cutting small holes on carbon steel material. During perforation,we can use Oxygen,after that switch to assist air or nitrogen.

Low frequency, pulse peak value of the output power can reduce molten metal.

Solution for laser cutting aluminum alloy and stainless steel cutting.In the processing of such materials, the auxiliary gas used is nitrogen.And no burning occurs during cutting.

An effective solution is to increase the pressure of the auxiliary gas and set the condition to a high peak output, low frequency pulse condition. The auxiliary gas uses air as well as when nitrogen is used. It does not burn too much, but it is easy to slag at the bottom. It is necessary to set the conditions to high auxiliary gas pressure, high peak output, and low frequency pulse conditions.

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