Brass fiber laser cutter xt laser brand-sara

Brass fiber laser cutter 

Brass fiber laser cutter factory XT LASER. XT LASER is fiber laser cutter manufacture in China. Since 2004 has been professional in this field.

We have fiber laser cutter for brass. Laser source N-Light especially for this. As brass is high reflective materials.

If use normal fiber laser source . The light reflect during cut work. Will do harm to laser source. So we suggest to  use N-Light laser source for it.

We have 500w,1kw,1.5kw.2kw and 3kw, 4kw. For different thickness use different power.

Size 1500mm*3000mm is standard model.  Here to share you some sample we cut.

If you need cut brass, pls don’t feel hesitate to contact us.

Brass fiber laser cutter

Email: xintian110@xtlaser.comWhatsup:+86  18721089868

Contact person: Sara Zhang