A brief introduction to fiber laser marking machine-Sophia

A brief introduction to fiber laser marking machine

Fiber laser marking machines use laser beams to mark permanent surfaces on a variety of different materials.

And fiber laser marking machine is the most acknowledged laser marking system due to its adaptability, negligible maintenance and virtually zero requirement of consumables.

1.The effect of marking:

First, it expose deep matter by evaporation of surface substances.

Second, it changes the materials surface chemically and physically by light energy.

Third, burning some of the material by light energy can show the pattern and text.

2.Main components of fiber laser marking machine

Firstly, the most important component is  fiber laser or fiber laser source.
Secondly, it is laser scanner, galvo head, or laser head.
Thirdly, F-theta lens and board&marking software.

In addition, it also need the computer.
Lastly, It also have lifting pillar, 2 D working table and power supply.


3. The application of laser marking machine

Apart from stand alone marking applications of Logos, QR codes, 2D codes, on Auto parts, fiber laser marking machines are designed for high speed marking applications.

Fiber laser Marking machine can mark on substrates such as:

1.All types Plastics such as PP, ABS, PVC, PBT, PE etc.

2.Plastic Bottles

3.Coated Metals, Coated Glass, Fiber Glass, Laminates, PP labels etc.





8.Cast Iron

9.Leather and much more

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