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How to check the fiber laser cutting machine

How to check the fiber laser cutting machine.

After the use of laser cutting machine, sometimes encounter laser cutting machine does not give light.

In the case of this kind of failure, the first thing to do is to check their own machinery.

Firstly, check whether the water is normal alternating, let the water normal alternating.

Seconldy, point preset, see whether the ammeter swing, if not swing, use the meter to test whether the laser power supply has 220v into the power, if there is no light, may power failure, need replace it.

Thirdly, Also can put the power supply on the ground and water security test water security is bad. Or check the output power.

Fourthly. If the main program does not emit light, the connected card can use the electricity meter to measure whether there is dc voltage above 3v between 15 (H) or 16 (L) Angle and 14 Angle. If there is, it means that the card is normal.

Fifthly, there is noise inside the laser power supply, usually the power connection does not contact, re-welding or connection, and then the power inside the dust blowing.

Laser cutting machine does not emit light during operation

alarm, connect the water inlet and outlet at the back of the water tank with a water pipe, and electrify the water tank to see if there is alarm. If you call the police, the water tank is broken. If not alarm, is the fiber laser cutting machine water is not open, check whether the water pipe bending or being pressed by things, whether there is sundry water in the water tank (to change the water tank of the clean water).

do not alarm, check whether the power fan of the fiber laser cutting machine is running. Fiber laser cutting machine power fan, with short laser power supply.

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