How to choose fiber laser marking machine for your working -June

How to choose fiber laser marking machine for your working

How to choose fiber laser marking machine  ?

Fiber laser marking machine are widely used in lots of business line , such as following information :

1.Electrical Engineering and Electrical part and component

2.Mobile (Cover, battery, keyboard, iPhone Case)

3.Jewellery(Ring, pedeant, bracelet),eyeglass,clocks and craft

4.Building materials,PVC pipe

5.Car motor car spare part, Instrument and meters and cutting tool

6.plastic case,aviation and aerospace,

7.military product,hardware fitting and accessory,sanitary appliance and beverage ,Medicine package and medical instrument,solar Pv industry

So fiber laser marking machine are getting popular in the global market .

It can  marking  , engraving , even can cut some  metal  material  .

According to different laser power, the marking speed and marking or engraving effect are different . stronger  laser  power, , better working effect  .

How  to choose fiber laser marking machine   ?

First  , laser source  , laser source is the  most important part of the whole machine  ,so it can occupy half of the   the whole machine value.

. There  have some famous laser source :IPG ,,Raycus  , and Max

. the IPG are Germany brand , while   the  Raycus and Max are made in China  .

Raycus laser source are more popular than Max  . the working principle are the same  .

How  to choose fiber laser marking machine   ?

second is  Laser scanner/galvo head/laser head

The X-Y plane controls the deflection of  the laser beam, there  have several brands : Scanlab  made by Germany  ,   Centry Sunny( from China , Sino  from China   and  Galvotech

How  to choose fiber laser marking machine   ?

The third is  F-theta lens ,  110*110mm  is standard lens  , it with good marking , engraving or cutting effect  , also have  200*200mm , 300*300mm , 75*75mm  and so on  .

Forth is  Control board&marking software. most of    the control board  are  Ezcad  , also have different vision .  and copy vision . that  also important part of the marking machine  .

The others of the component  are not very important , just the lifting pillar , 2D working table ..

For the lifting pillar , there have manual and auto lifting  , and  this depends  on your choice .

How  to choose fiber laser marking machine   ?

Except the machine  , after sale service is also necessary  for  the customers  , not each users  have use this machine before , so  a learner of  the machine will put up lots  of questions

, SO  after sale department  of our XT laser are here , to  solve the puzzles  of our new and regular   customers

Hope this information are useful to you  .


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