How to choose laser source?IPG or Raycus?-Jill

As you know,If you buy fiber laser machine, there two brand of laser source , which are more popular in market.

How to choose ?

(1)IPG is Germany brand, very famous fiber laser source in market, and it’s original imported, so price is a little higher than Raycus.
(2)Raycus brand made in China, quality also stability.

We think Raycus is more cost-effective than IPG brand.
But some customers very like and trust «Germany Brand», so IPG is optional.

The only obvious advantage of IPG is it is more durable than Raycus. For example, if using frequency is same, IPG can be durable for more than 8 years, Raycus can be 7 years.

As far as I know,there is little difference in such low power laser source.There really exists just a little difference in laser beam quality.However,in jewelry industry,this is not a problem at all.The outcome effect is just the same,unless used in very high precision industry,we will require our customer to use IPG.

What’s more,in jewelry industry,if you have the enough budget,we also suggest you the IPG.Regarding high reflective material, IPG laser is no problem to use, it can perfect work on gold , silver, brass.etc materials. Because we also have many jewelry customers, they use 30w ipg to engrave their jewelry. No need to worry about the effect.

The common feature

What’s more,as you know,Raycus or IPG laser is Normal Q-Switched laser source,  Pulse width and pulse frequency are fixed, can not be changed. Pulse width 90-130 ns  , repetition frequency 30-100 kHz
For Marking different color on stainless steel, Normal Q-Switched laser source can also mark color on SS, here is video:​


Our IPG is 100% percent genuine, every IPG laser source will be with testing report from IPG company, we will send it with laser machine.
On those report, it show IPG serial number (which is unique) and model number, you can call IPG company to check.

If you want to know more difference, pls tell us.


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