How to choose Q-switched and Mopa in metal laser marking machine?-Jennifer

Industrial fiber lasers have been the largest focus in the laser industry over the past few years.  The development of domestic fiber lasers has been rapid.  In the sheet metal cutting and marking applications have made considerable progress in the promotion of processing industry upgrading. To help customers achieve efficient, energy-saving production shows unparalleled advantages.

At present, the types of fiber lasers used in industrial marking mainly include Q-switched lasers. And Mopa lasers, which occupy most of the marking market share. But there is a misunderstanding in the market. That the Mopa laser can completely replace the Q-switched laser in many applications.

In fact, otherwise, in order to help customers understand the two different technologies of laser.  To solve different customer marking requirements, we chose the joint product laser Q-switched laser and Mopa laser as the experimental object.  Made some simple and simple analysis. To help customers find suitable for their own marking requirements of the model.

Comparison of parameters between Q-switched lasers and Mopa lasers

MOPA (Power amplifier master oscillator power-amplifier) and Q-switched fiber lasers are widely used in many fields.  Such as electronic products, machinery and packaging. As the mainstream lasers for marking applications in the market. It is quietly replacing traditional processing.
Also Used in marking processing.  What are the differences and advantages and disadvantages?
From the parameter comparison that the Mopa laser parameter is flexible and the adjustment range is big, the use of the kill pulse width, the high frequency parameter, the heat duration is short, the main application in the alumina black, the customer can adjust the power, the frequency parameter to achieve own desired effect.
Because of the higher pulse frequency of Mopa ray Laser. The marking position is very small or overlapping during marking. And the shading will be very uniform and delicate. Because the single pulse energy is low. The material is not easy to produce thermal deformation once the thin plate is treated. After the development of Mopa with narrower pulse width (electric control to do light pulse in dozens of picosecond) as the direction, the heat duration is shorter, marking delicate degree greatly improved. Definition of peak energy and average output power of Q-switched pulsed lasers (source network)

Comparison of application of Q-switched laser and Mopa laser in marking

Mopa Laser, Q-switched laser repetition frequency is low. The fine processing of the material will be less than Mopa. However, because of the single performance parameters of Q-switched lasers. The use of adjustment will be more convenient and rapid. In the plastic material black dozen gray aspect. The adjustment q although is inferior to the mopa processing fine. But wins in the speed quicker, for the request not high processing may use the Q-switched laser to raise the production efficiency. In the aspect of the deep carving of metallic materials. Q-switched fiber lasers, because of their high single pulse energy. It can be used in depth engraving or metal surface rust removal.  Mopa laser in wide pulse width amplification because most of the energy trailing useless. It can not be used effectively. It’s marking strength is deficient. In view of the current market expectations, Q-switched lasers will be high power. It will be also the high energy development to meet the requirements of material processing.
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