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How To Choose A Suitable Laser Marking Machine

One suitable fiber laser marking machine is the final chose,for any customers.

Our customers asked us many questions,we think some of you also want to know about it.


Will it be unitile for you to buy the Mopa?

The MOPA is especial for color marking,if you do not need to mark some special color,
the Raycus is suitable for you,the MOPA with a higher price than Raycus,you do not need to buy one higher machine,just one suitable machine,right?
What is the difference between the three (IPG) the (Raycus) and the (max).

For IPG,this is made in German brand,many foreign customers prefer to trust the Germany brand,cause its famous value,the price is higher than other brands.
And Raycus,this is China best brand,most customers choose this brand,because its the higher stability like IPG,but with a suitable price,thats the most cost-effective brand.
The MAX,this is also China brand,but we do not sell this brand to customers,cause the bad quality,not stable.
usually like IPG ,Raycus,which with more than 100000 hours life span time,but according to customers feedback,
MAX just can be used several months or one year,than broke down,need to change one new.

Following with the technical difference between the IPG and Raycus brand:

For marking and engraving on metals,according to our testing.
If engrave with depth on metal,the same content ,like 0.5mm brass deep engraving, the IPG will have a little higher marking speed than Raycus.And there is one Optical isolator inside of the IPG ,which can avoid the higher laser reflective.
So IPG is professional in the field of jewelry cutting,like silver and gold.
So except the two parts, there is almost no difference between the IPG and Raycus.
Hope this information is helpful for you.
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