Clean the fiber laser cutting machine lens:Charry

Clean the fiber laser cutting machine lens

Clean the fiber laser cutting machine lens.

1. It is necessary to blow off the floating surface of the original surface with a blown balloon.

Especially a lens with tiny particles and flocs on the surface. But don’t use compressed air on the production line. Because this air will contain oil mist and water droplets, which will deepen the pollution of the lens.

2. The laser cutting machine lens is slightly cleaned by analyzing pure acetone. This grade of acetone is almost anhydrous, which reduces the likelihood of lens contamination.

The acetone on the cotton ball must be cleaned under illumination and circularly moved. Once the cotton swab is dirty, it must be replaced. Cleaning should be done at one time to avoid creating ribs.

If the laser cutter lens has two coated surfaces, such as lenses, each surface needs to be cleaned in this way. The first side needs to be placed on a layer of clean lens paper for protection.

3. If acetone does not remove all the dirt, then use acid vinegar to clean. When the vinegar is washed, it is used to dissolve the dirt to remove the dirt, but it will not cause damage to the optical lens. This type of sour vinegar can be experimental grade (diluted to 50% strength), or white vinegar containing 6% acetic acid for household use. The cleaning procedure is the same as for acetone cleaning, then the acid vinegar and the dry lens are removed with acetone. At this time, the cotton balls are frequently changed to completely absorb the acid and hydrate. Until cleaned.

4. When contaminants and lens damage cannot be removed by cleaning, especially due to metal splash and dirt, the only way to restore good performance is to replace the laser cutting machine lens.

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