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co2 metal and nonmetal laser cutting machine

Do you hear about co2 metal and nonmetal laser cutting machine?  And do you know well about how  it is working?

Nowadays acrylic and steel is the most popular material in the advertise industry. laser machines can do well performance according to it.

  1.  For acrylic, customers normally need engrave and cut. The best option is co2 laser engraving cutting machine.

There is different power(60w-300w) and working size(600*400mm-1500*3000mm) for meeting different requirements.

See below machine photo and working videos:

2. For steel, customers normally cut it into ideal patterns. So fiber laser cutting machine is best choice.

standard cutting size is 1500*3000mm with high speed, low consumable cost, perfect cutting performance.


3. If you have enough budget and factory space, the best way is to choose one co2 laser(around 4000-5000usd) and one fiber laser(40000usd-100000usd). However,  some of customers have no enough budget in short period.  They have to start the work. CO2 mixed laser cutting machine is the nice solution. It can cut 1-3mm metal and all nonmetal materials. Its performance is not the best, but the result can be accepted if no precise requirements are needed. There is 1200*900mm and 1300*2500mm size as standard type.

Check below photo of co2 nonmetal and metal mixed laser cutting machine:

1.5mm Stainless steel cutting:


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