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Cutting accuracy of fiber laser cutting

For cutting accuracy and efficiency, the fiber laser cutting  stands head and shoulders above other cutting systems.

Such as CO2 lasers or plasma cutting machines.

We design fiber lasers for energy efficiency.

The laser beam is transmitted directly from the resonator through a fiber optic cable to the cutting head.

This solid-state design does not require any mirrors or optical devices to transmit the laser beam.

Fiber lasers are an ideal choice for cutting reflective materials such as copper, brass, aluminum, and stainless steel.

Unlike a CO2 laser that use electricity to ignite laser gas.

For example,Helium, Nitrogen and Carbon Dioxide to produce the laser beam.

Fiber laser cutting machine use a Compact Ytterbium Fiber Laser System that is directly feed into the core of the flexible fiber optic cable.

It does not require expensive gases to operate and they use less electricity.

Fiber has a 35% wall efficiency as compared to CO2 that has an 8% wall efficiency.

Another big advantage of fiber laser cutting machines is that fiber lasers are less expensive to operate.

fiber laser cutting machine

1.XT fiber laser cutting are designed and built for performance

We design XT LKASER with a solid foundation to assure accuracy

Even under the most demanding operating conditions.

This design maintains cutting accuracy even at the highest accelerations and fastest cutting speeds.

fiber laser cutting machine

2.Continuous cutting with less down-time of fiber laser cutting

XT fiber laser cutting  comes standardly with features to help improve your productivity.

To simplify your material handling, XT integrates shuttle tables into the control system.

While the laser is cutting one sheet, the shuttle table system allows for convenient of unloading of cut parts and loading of new sheets.

This method minimizes the amount of time you spend handling materials and maximizes your productivity.

Furthermore, our fully electric shuttle tables do not require the use of any hydraulic oils and are maintenance free.

Another time-saving feature is the lateral drawer scrap removal system.

It allows you to remove scrap pieces from the work area without interrupting the cutting process.

The sideways design of this system allows for easy access and maintenance.