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Fiber laser color marking machine have very wide application now. We know it can be used on all metal marking, such as stainless steel, mild steel. Also include painted material and some plastic. Recent years, with the development of fiber laser technology, one new kind fiber laser type rise—— mopa laser color fiber laser marker.

mopa laser marking machine

Color Fiber Laser Marker

We know normal laser generator is q-switched structure. It have fixed pulse width. Color fiber laser marker need use mopa fiber laser source. It is one special fiber laser technology, which pulse width is adjusted.

We can adjust laser generator’s pulse width and frequency, so that laser generator can have different performance. This is why mopa fiber laser marker can mark color on stainless steel.


What material we can do ?

Mopa fiber laser can mark colors, but not means it can do it on all metals. Now mopa laser can only mark color on stainless steel, no any other material.

Same as normal fiber laser, mopa laser can do all same work, and it have more wide application. Also it have some advantage then normal laser. We know plastic is complex and not easy on laser marking. Due to mopa laser have adjustable pulse width, it have wide application on plastic marking then normal laser.

Except plastic and color marking, mopa laser also can do black color on anodized aluminum. Now so many product is anodized aluminum, such as phone case, mobile power etc.


What color we can mark?

Although mopa laser can do color on stainless steel, it does’t mean it can do all color. Mopa laser can only do simple color like blue, green, pink, purple etc. As for other complex color, mopa laser also can’t do it.

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