Come to see, with this machine, the boss no longer worry about cutting metal !-Eason

At present, there are many cutting processes in the market, such as flame cutting, sawing, die punching, water cutting, wire cutting, and even plasma. They have their own advantages and characteristics, but there are also obvious limitations and deficiencies. Today, XTlaser for everyone to introduce a cutting material of the artifact-fiber laser cutting machine!

Laser cutting machine is a high-tech era of the product, it can be said that the production of laser cutting machine is not only the choice of the times, but also the inevitable development of the times. It is not polite to say that the production of laser cutting machine is a milestone in the machinery industry progress. The following is a simple introduction to the advantages of laser cutting machine.

Advantage One: High precision.
It is self-evident that laser cutting is more accurate than traditional cutting technology. Usually, laser cutting positioning accuracy is 0.05mm, the repeated positioning accuracy is 0.02 mm. It is suitable for cutting of precision parts and fine cutting of various craft words and drawings.


Advantage Two: Cut slit narrow.
Laser beam focused on a small point of light, so that the focus of the high power density, the material quickly heated to the degree of gasification, evaporation to form holes. With the relative linear movement of the beam and the material, the hole continuously forms a slit with narrow width. The incision width is generally 0.10~0.20mm, and the cutting seam formed by laser cutting is very narrow compared with the traditional cutting technique.


Advantage  three: smooth cutting surface.
We know that for some glass, jewelry, their cutting requirements are very high, and is not allowed to have any burr exist. The traditional cutting technology is to meet these requirements, and the new laser cutting technology can reach the cutting surface without burr, the incision surface roughness is generally controlled within the Ra12.5.


Advantage Four: fast.
The new laser cutting technology also has a notable advantage that cutting speed is very fast, under normal circumstances, laser cutting speed can reach/, the maximum positioning speed can reach 70m/min, faster than the speed of wire cutting. Laser cutting applications are also very frequent for areas that require relatively high requirements.


Advantage Five: Good quality, no damage.
Laser cutting belongs to non-contact cutting, cutting edge heating effect is very small, the basic no workpiece thermal deformation, completely avoid material punching when the formation of the collapse edge, cutting seam generally do not need two times processing. The laser cutting head does not contact with the material surface to ensure that the workpiece is not scratched.


Advantage Six: Not affected by the nature of the material.
fiber laser could cut  steel plate, stainless steel, aluminum alloy plate, cemented carbide processing, no matter what kind of hardness, can be without deformation cutting. fiber laser processing flexibility is good, can be processed arbitrary graphics, can be cutting pipe and other special-shaped materials.

XTLASER  has been successfully exported to the United States, South Korea, Russia, Germany and other more than 50 of countries, and successfully put into use, greatly improve the user’s production efficiency and product quality!

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