Common questions of laser marking machine for new users-ivy

Common questions of laser marking machine for new users-ivy

Nowadays,more and more industry will using laser marking machine for products marking,engraving and cutting.

So when choose the marking machine,especially for new users,there will be common questions often meet.

1.How to mark black and white on the stainless steel?


Offset-focus, power 80%,speed 80-110,filling 0.02-0.03. the concept of offset-focus is raising and falling down the pillar, until can not hear the sound of the laser marking and can not see the spark of the laser marking, but still have the light burning on stainless steel, it is the most appropriate position.

2.Can not find dongle! Software will work at demo state?


①Electrostatic caused: after cut down the power for whole device, pulled down the main plug, after 5 minutes restart device.

②Computer USB port power supply shortage: Replace USB port reinsert USB cable.

③USB line problem: maybe the line is loose, need to re-insert it

④Software damage: delete the original software, copy a new software to install.

⑤Computer and board software is not compatible.

3.How to find the focus?

Adjusting focus’s purpose: laser is a kind of light beam of highly concentrate energy, which can only mark on the focus point. And other position can not be marked.   In this case ,it should be adjusted before marking .In order to get the best marking effect we should make the laser focus converged on the worktable.

The way of adjusting: open the machine and marking software, then put a metal plate on the worktable ,inputting content and select  the “continuous part”. Raising and falling down the pillar to find the strongest point after press the mark button.

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