some common sense of laser marking machine-Ella

some common sense of laser marking machine

1.The principle of engraving depth of laser marking machine:

Engraving depth needs multiple layers’ marking to finish, that means there are two layers,

one layer parameter is higher laser power, slower speed, this layer is for engraving depth;

another layer parameter is lower laser power, faster speed, this layer is for removing the dust,

so you can see it is white color after marking.


2.Fiber laser machine has 5 main parts:

laser source, galvo head, F-theta lens, control card (software), and computer.

1>Laser source: German IPG, China Raycus,China Max and other brand.

2>Galvo head: German Scanlab, China Century Sunny,China Sino and other brand.

3>F-theta lens: wavelength brand from Singapore, and other brand.

4>Control card: Beijing JCZ control card and EZCAD software.

5>Computer: desktop type and laptop.


3.what would be the difference between raycus and IPG ?

IPG is Germany brand, very famous fiber laser source in market,

and it’s original imported, so price is a little higher than Raycus.

Raycus brand is made in China, quality is also stable and with good performance..

We think Raycus is more cost-effective than IPG brand.

But some customers very like and trust «Germany Brand», so IPG is optional.

The only obvious advantage of IPG is more durable than Raycus.

For example, if using frequency is same, IPG can be durable for more than 8 years,

but Raycus can be 7 years.


4. What is outside red light?

We offer you two red light, one is inner red pointer, another is outside red pointer,

when two red pointers come into one, it means on marking focus, no need to measure marking focus by rulers.

Here is video:

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