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The Components of the Fiber Laser Cutting Machine Ⅴ-Laser lens

Laser lens are the most used in the entire fiber laser cutting equipment.

Many optical devices contain laser lenses.

And different lenses have different functions, such as full-reflex lenses, semi-reverse lenses, and focusing lenses.

The quality of the lens directly affects the output power of the laser, which also affects the performance of the whole machine.

Then, if selecting the lens is not proper, it will cause large laser loss, frequent damage to the protective lens and unstable product quality, causing serious losses to the enterprise.

Therefore, choosing the right protective lens is a very important thing to pay attention to.

There are three steps to choose the laser lens of the laser cutting machine:

1.Firstly, mayching the dimensions

2. You can choose K9 or quartz material, according to different laser and considering the cost of use.

During the actual application process, professional manufacturers divide the two types of materials into multiple grades, customers can choose the corresponding specifications according to actual needs.

3. Coating, choose different coating technical parameters according to the use of the environment.

Although the laser lens of the laser cutting machine is a wearing part, in order to improve its utilization rate and reduce the production cost, the lens can  achieve the purpose of recycling by timing.


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