Customer visiting report-welcome to inspectf our fiber laser cutting machine+Ivy

Customer visiting report,and this is to our clients from Qatar for fiber laser cutting machinehttp://(


First,thanks for your visit to our company.And we  hope that,our fiber laser cutting machine  have impressed you.In Jinan,it is very cold these days,but it does not prevent your comming here.We were touched deeply ,and thanks  for your time.And we believe that our joint efforts. which could lead to a fruitful cooperation.And your visit would be a hopeful start.
In fact,We are specializing on fiber laser cutting & marking technology. For past 13 years. We design,product and sale professional fiber laser equipment for global customers. So ,we hope we could serve you similarly. And to gain benefits for both of us.
And we are looking forward to our in-deapth cooperation.So we believe that our establishing relation. Which will be lead to a bright and hopeful future.And then we are so pleased to meet you . All my kind friends in our factory .For discussing cooperation of Fiber laser machines.We believe it that visiting factory must be a good opportunity for us .To recognize each other after long time contact by email.
Besides,we are very glad to know your company is a large factory .With great family honors and reputation. and this is exactly what we are looking for.A strong partner with whom we can enlarge the Qatar market together.
And in further cooperation,we’d like to provide you with high quality and after sale service. What we have been insisting is not only every of our employees becoming a professional salesman .who with full experience of machines,but also to be a decent and kind man. who knows how to live and work happily.
We hope to meet you again in our factory.
Again,thanks for your visit and efforts.if any question or further information about us.pls do not hesitate to contact with us,for your convenience,following is
our contact methods:
Ivy Xu

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