19.customers’ questions about laser tube cutting machine-Ella

Before buying a set of laser cutting machine, customers will consider and have many questions.
It is very normal for every customer to compare the price and quality of machine from different suppliers.
So now we made a summary of customers’ questions of laser cutting machine for reference.


1.What the Hiwin motion system includes? Please detail a little bit.

For Y Axis, Hiwin motion system 35mm

For X Axis,Hiwin motion system 25mm

2.What is the brand name of the France motoreducer?

For Y axis: 3 sets of France Motoreducer: MVB-120-10-L1 Model number

For X axis: 1 set of France Motoreducer: MVB-090-7L1 Model number

3.Please explain, which servo motor, which movement is doing.

I mean for ex: 1 set of 3000w engine doing the back and forth movement,

1 set of 400w doing the Z axis movement and so on.

Y axis has 3 servo motors, all of them are 3kw,

2 are for rotary ,1 for back and forth movement.

X axis has 850w

Z axis has 400w

4.How the tube is fixed horizontal?
I mean You have to use the bulb level or it is somehow automatically?

As long as you fix tube on the rotary , the tube will be on same center automatically.

5.What is the approx weight of the machine?

About 5 tons

6.Both X and Y axes are with rack and pinion system? No linear motors?

Yes, our standard configuration is servo motors + rack&pinion.

At the moment, we have not develped Linear motors for tube cutting machine

We only apply linear motors into XTC-FS6040 cutting machine, small precision cutting machine

7.The Z axe has no motoreducer, just servo motor?

Z axis moving distance is so short, no need reducers.

8.Could You tell me more about the industrial PC? touchscreen or not?
 what kind of base board what kind of processor?

It is not touch screen.

Brand is Taiwan Advantech 610L

Pentium(R)Dual-Core CPU , E5300

2.00 GB RAM

9.What You mean «auto tracking adjustment»?


I know that is not included, just the expression is not familiar with us,


please let me know what You mean by this expression.

For us, «auto tracking adjustment», this is referred to laser head,

as you know fiber laser cutting head has follow-up function.

laser head can move up and down according to the surface of metal sheet.

Because there is a capacitor , which can detect the value of metal sheet.

10.Regarding the pneumatic movement of holding rolls,
do We need compressed air, am I right?

Yes, need compressed air.

11.Let me please know pessure/quantity, and place where We need to connect.


We have to add any valves or reductors, or everything is included


We just have to connect the pipes and to control the valves?

Pressure is about 0.8 MPa

We will equip the machine with magnetic valves and sensor switches. It is all included.

Just make sure your software can control these valves and switches.


12.Would be important for us to know the exactly type or model of the Yaskawa servo engines.

SGM7G-30AFC61 ,3kw—France Motoreducer is MVB-140-020-24-110-165

SGM7G-09AFC61 , 850w—France Motoreducer is MVB-090-7-L1

SGM7J-04AFC6E , 400w


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