Cutting 4mm aluminum using xtlaser fiber laser cutting machine-ivy

Cutting 4mm aluminum using xtlaser fiber laser cutting machine-ivy

And This article is about the Cutting 4mm aluminum using xtlaser fiber laser cutting machine.

As Recent days, more and more clients looking for the laser cutting machine for aluminum. as we know , for this special metal, it more suitable to choose E-LIGHT laser source.

So here sharing this type machine:

Main parts

1.1 and The European CE standard production

1.2 also Working area: 1500mm*3000mm.

1.3 then  Laser type: 1000W E-LIGHT

1.4 Fiber laser generator: Raytools laser cutting head

1.5 in addition,Water-cooling system: Tongfei brand, best quality in China

1.6 Transmission type: Dual drive

1.7 and Motor: Japan YASKAWA servo motor driving (X axis 850w, Two Y axis each of them is 1300w , Z axis 400w ).

1.8 at the same time ,Machine body: New type of plate welding lathe bed

1.9 and Control system: Shanghai Cypcut control system

1.10 also Rail: HIWIN/PMI/ABBA

1.11 besides,Dust hood for X axis and Y axis, and laser head.

1.12 Cross sliding rack working table.

so after introduce so many information,if you are interested in this machine or have any other questions,pls contact us:

Ivy Xu
Jinan Xintian Technology Co., LTD.
Address: NO.316 Xinggang road,Jinan City, Shandong province,China

To ensure the stability and avoid signal interference. we use the following measures based on electrical technology :

  1. The main circuit and control circuit are connected by wires separately bypass.
  2. The wire of main controller use shielded or twisted wire.
  3. The connection of motor and driver use separate outlet to avoid parallel with other wires.
  4.  I/O interface chip, controller, sensor and the connector are as close as possible.
  5. The connect wire between upper and lower equipment use the Aerial plug connector and Weidmuller terminal block.


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