3.Detailed Parts of Laser Cutting Machine-Ella

XTLASER-Detailed Parts of Laser Cutting Machine

1.Laser Source-the core parts of laser machine.

we use China best Raycus laser source, it has stable performance and much lower failure rate than other laser source, like Max.

2.Laser Head

XTLASER brand laser head is customized by Raytools with high precision and speed than other brand.

3.Transport System 

Taiwan HIWIN guidrail and No.1 brand APEX rack and pinion

4.Servo Motor

Japan best brand of servo motor-Yaskawa with stable speed

5.Control System

more than 95% suppliers of laser cutting machine choose CYPCut system, because it’s China best operation system with stable performance.

Detail 6: Height controller

It can calibrate if the metal sheet flat or not, adjust it by control the cutting head up and down,

sometimes, this controller is not appear in outside, just in the software.

Detail 7: Small holes on the side of machine bed

When the machine work for a long time, it’s very easy to stack scrap iron,

these small holes can help to drip the scarp iron, keep the machine bed clean.

Detail 8: Guide rail of the aluminum gantry

For XT aluminum gantry, there is one guide rail on each of top and front side,

when the machine working, this kind of gantry is more stronger and stable than the normal type.

XT gantry type:

Normal type:

Detail 9: water pipe

We use different colors for water chiller’s pipe, orange means water go inside; blue means water go outside.

Two different color can help you recognize easily if you need fix some parts by yourself.

Detail 10: proportional value


Using for adjusting air pressure, mainly controlling oxygen, small pressure when you punch the whole,

atmospheric pressure for cutting.It help you just change the gas in the software, no need to find the gas tank.

It’s important to choose a reliable supplier and machine,hope our information will help you to investigate.

Any other questions will be much appreciated by us.

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