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There are a variety of cleaning methods in traditional fiber laser cleaning industry. And  most of them are using chemical agents and mechanical methods for cleaning. As stringent environmental protection regulations in global increases and people’s awareness of environmental protection and safety grows, less and less people are not using these types of chemicals in industrial production and cleaning.

 How to find a cleaner with non-invasive cleaning method?

That is a problem we have to consider. And Laser cleaning characterizes by non-abrasive, non-contact, non-thermal effects and objects suitable for various materials. And It will be the most reliable and most effective solution. At the same time, laser cleaning can solve problems that traditional cleaning methods can not do.

Now below are photos of 100w/200w laser cleaning machine

Industrial cleaning lasers

These fiber laser cleaning systems are designed around a powerful, solid state fiber laser source. Meanwhile, Fiber laser cleaning systems deliver performance with gentleness for the precise de-coating and cleaning in many industrial applications.

Using the remarkable power of short pulses of laser light, high-value parts can be treated without damage and virtually no emissions. Laser cleaning applications include surface prep for bonding and welding, de-coating metallic surfaces – fully or selectively, removal of production residues from tools, molds and many more.

Each unit can consistently deliver high performance with reliability and do so virtually maintenance-free. That is to say it is easy to set-up, operate and automate. Thus you just need plug it in, turn it on and start cleaning/de-coating with laser light – without chemicals, media, dust, water and or clean-up.


Fiber laser cleaning machine can do complete or selective paint removal (e.g. weld inspections), Removes oxides, oil,

and grease and production residues Mold cleaning Pre-treatment for adhesive bonding Natural stone cleaning De-coating metallic and glass surfaces

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