More details of fiber laser cutter:Charry

More details of fiber laser cutter

More details of fiber laser cutter

1.Does the machine also have an automatic lubrication device?
Yes,of course,the guide rail,rack and pinion need this automatic lubrication system.
Picture as below:

More details of fiber laser cutter

And there is one automatic alarming system,if there is no enough oil,the system will alarm,then you can add it in time.

2.How is the smoke dissipated – is an exhaust with Installed?

Yes,our machine indlude the exhaust,the machine bed design is suitable for the smoke dissipating.
Picture as below:
The smoke pipe is from the machine bed inside to the exhaust,then the smoke can be removed.More details of fiber laser cutter

3.Can dxf-files be read from the machine?

Yes,our machine can support the DXF files,and its the best to use DXF files.

4.We thought, for example, that the sheet size of about 500 mm x 1200 mm is also recognized by the cutting head. Or does the large of the resting sheet have to be entered manually into the software?
The machine software have the function of Automatic edge search function,do not need to typing it by hand every time.

5.How would the payment agreements look like? Down payment, etc.

Our payment terms is by T/T,30% as the deposit,and the balance payment will be paid before shipment.
After machine finished,we always take the testing videos and pictures to customers,after their confirmation,then they will pay the balance payment,and we start the shipping,that is to make sure the benefit of you and me together.

More details of fiber laser cutter

6.Do you have the corresponding machines in stock or how long is the current delivery time?

We do not have the machine in stock now,cause usually we have 25sets to 30sets fiber laser cutting machine per month need to be delivered,there is no time to make the stock,but we always make the machine bed as stock.

Cause we use the thick plate welding machine,we have removed the internal stress of the metal after the welding of the machine bed.Cause the machine bed has been on high temperature annealing.(cause some suppliers use the CNC machine bed,do not with this step,the machine bed will be not stable for the fiber laser cutting)

For this machine bed,the whole producing time is about 25days,so we usually make the machien bed in stock,to save time for you.

The total delivery time usually is 35work days,its almost the fast in the same occupation.

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