More details fiber laser marking machine: Charry

More details fiber laser marking machine

More details fiber laser marking machine.

At first,we have to tell you,we are a machine factory,not a trading company,or some smaller workshops.

We always provide customers the original brand machine parts,we do not cheat customers,we shame on those liars in market.

For your questions,pls regarding as below.

Firstly,Our whole machine include:

laser source,lens,galvaometer laser head,Micro-adjustable table,windows 7,64bit computer,Ezcad original brand with dongle and control board,80mm rotary device.

Secondly,for IPG and Raycus ,we have the testing report.And for every laser source, it has the own S/N ,you can check on official website.
3.For lens changing,parameters:

As a professional machine factory,before the machine shipping,we always prepare all of the documents and videos to customers,then when you get the machine,will be much easier to you.

All of it will be saved in computer,and also backup in one USBdisk,send to you together with the machine.

More details fiber laser marking machine

4.For warranty:

We have 5 years warranty,we are the only one supplier who have 5 years in the world for fiber laser marking machine.

We are confident with our machine quality,and we are also concern on customers service.

More details of warranty also in the quotation list.

5.For Raycus and IPG :

We use the original version,we promise you,you can check the pictures in the attachment.
On the laser source,there with the S/N number.And for testing report,every laser source with it.

6.For machine shipping:

Actually,our machine can be divided into 2 wooden boxes.

But I just checked the machine delivery freight to your address, if by 2 wooden box,the machine freight is the same as one wooden boxes,cause the machine weight is in the same range.

We still suggest you choose by one wooden box.

More details just contact me:


Skype: Charry XTLASER Zhu