Details of tube cutting machine:Charry

Details of tube cutting machine

Details of tube cutting machine.

Details of tube cutting machine

Firstly.The holding rolls are fix, I mean they have a vertical movement or not? – The holding rolls are free rolls?

yes, it has a vertical movement. Air pressure controlling,Pneumatic.
It is our innovation.

Secondly.In case, if it is need, the receiving box can be longer?
Standard length is 1.6m
it is not enough for you?
We can produce it longer.

Thirdly.In normal continuous working , how the residual pieces are evacuated?

Before, i wrote it is «Rotary is manually clamping», sorry this mistake.
In fact, it is pneumatic clamping.
So residulal pieces will evacuated after clamping is loose.

4.In normal continuous working, how the cut-off final piece is evacuated? They fall dawn somewhere?

5.The synchronization of the two rotating engines has to solve the software or it is already synchronized somehow?
It is Synchronized.  Because their speed reduction ratio is same.
If you use your own software, it is still Synchronized.

6.When You fix the tube in clamps and chuck, do You have to adjust each clamp or You can do it with one movement?

Rotary will do it in one movement Automatically.

7.Any electrical cable including? I mean probably power supply cables not, but connections between sensors or any else wire?
Sure, we will offer you electrical cables, some necessary cables , even  you do not buy our laser source, laser head or software .etc。

In such machine, rotary size including 200mm and 300mm

200mm diameter rotary, it can hold maximum no more than 215mm round tube , and maximum 150mm*150mm square tube.

300mm diameter rotary, it can hold maximum no more than 320mm round tube , and maximum 240mm*240mm square tube.

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