The difference between shallow and deep marking by laser marking machine-Jill

Nowadays,we usually mark metals with a laser marking machine.According to the different marking demand,we divide it into two types.As you know,they are shallow marking and deep marking.

Shallow marking

Generally,we mark the metal materials with shallow marking.The surface marking  depth of the metal is from 5 to 25 microns.

And the width is from  micrometers to several tens of micrometers.

Generally speaking,metal laser marking machine can easily mark on metal materials.For example, numbers, patterns, trademarks,QR codes, etc. And it is widely used in various tools and parts.

Deep marking

On the contrary,the depth of deep marking is generally deep.And the depth depends on the material ,the laser  power and the marking time.Again,the marking depth depends on the absorption of the laser ,the power of the laser, and the duration of action of the laser on the engraved material.

Deep marking usually takes a long time.We can conduct the deep and shallow marking works on the  surface of various gold and plastic materials.For example,customers often mark identification codes, company logos and more complex images on material.

In fact,Deep marking is usual for guns, jewelry,mold,stamp marking.

1mm deep engraving on mild steel (3)
1mm deep engraving on mild steel

Advantages of  deep marking

Compared with  traditional mechanical metal marking,laser marking has many advantages.First,the biggest advantage,

there is no need to contact with the surface of the work-piece.Therefor we do not need using many fixtures and tools. In addition,the laser marking is with the high-precision characteristic. So it is particularly suitable for the processing of complex graphics.


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