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Difference of mopa M1&M6 laser marking machine

Mopa laser marking machine is popular in the stainless steel industry.

That is because it could mark color on the stainless steel, showing different color.

Customer may know that there are total two types of the mopa laser marker.

That is M1 and M6, different price.

This passage we would like to talk some details about the two types.

1.The main difference of the two types of mopa laser marking machine

First of all, the m6 laser machine would be easier marking on the stainless steel than the m1.

Secondly, the color of m6 would be more than the m1.

That is cause the pulse width of m6 would be wider than the  m1.

Thirdly, the speed of m6 would be quicker than the m1 if we mark on the same area.

mopa laser marking machine

That is why there are different price of the mopa laser marking machine.

Some customers may be feel confused about the machine.

They wonder why there are two different price of this type machine.

2.The Raycus and the mopa laser marking machine

As we know, the common fiber laser marking machine could also do simple color marking.

Such as yellow, black red etc:

color marking sample

But their color would be less than the Mopa laser marking machine.

For this type machine, the parameter will be a little difficult to adjust.

But if the customer just ask for one or two color marking, this machine is also ok.

It would be cheap than the mopa laser marking machine.

In a word, if your budget is limited, u could consider the common fiber laser marking machine.

If u pursue different color with different outcome,mopa is a better choice.

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