Different model of fiber laser marking system-Angelina

Different model of fiber laser marking system

Fiber laser marking system has been popular in the market.

More and more customer come to consult this type machine.

The customer is from different metal industries.

As we know there are more and more design and models of the fiber laser marking machine in the market.

Some customers like the mini type, some may prefer the desktop.

The supplier design different model to meet different customer requirements.

This passage we mainly talk some details about different model.

First of all , the mini type fiber laser marking system:

fiber laser marking system

This type fiber laser marking machine is the most seller and most popular in the market.

It is small in size, which could help save some space and shipping cost.

Most of the customer would like to choose this one.

For 110*110,200*200,300*300mm working area, this machine is mo problem.

Secondly, the desktop model type fiber laser marking machine.

This type fiber laser markings system is popular among the Indian market.

Some Indian customer would like to this one.

This type machine is also suitable for 100/200/300mm working area.

And for this type, we could put the big size product on it.

fiber laser marking system

Besides, for this desktop model fiber laser marking machine.

We could add cover on the machine to protect the galvo head and protect the human body.

fiber laser marking system

Thirdly, the fully enclosed fiber laser marking machine.

It is popular in the European market, some Germany customer would like to this model.

This type machine is beautiful in appearance and small in size.

fiber laser marking machine

But for this model , cause the space is limited, it could only equip with the 100*100mm lens.

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